White-Water Rafting (resource from 孤鳥) resource from 孤鳥 Several years ago I took a trip to Colorado with few friends. While we were there, we tried to decide what to do other than going to the Rocky Mountain National Park . Then finally we decided to go for the white-water rafting. When we got there, we were given the choices for beginners, intermediate and ad 找房子vanced rafting. My friends all wanted something more challenging and adventurous, so they proposed to take the advanced ride which was the so called white-water rafting that will go through the more exciting rapids. Be honest with you, I had mixed feelings about that decision because I did not know how to swim at that time, for one thing; however, th 租屋ere was a small voice in my heart kept on telling me to try something more exciting. Before we start, the instructor told us some safety measures and procedures. I did not really pay too much attention to those except I heard he mentioned that if in any case that we fell into the rapid, the first thing we need to do is to “grab” on whatever we can grab and the second t 東森房屋hing is to held out the breath so that we won’t drink too much water. I heard those words, but in my mind I was thinking not a chance that I will fall into water. So, we started the white- water rafting when everything got ready, we got total 7 people in our raft, including the instructor. In the beginning everything went smoothly; the current was swift and it was many times faster than 吳哥窟the rafting experiences that I had when I was rafting at San Antonio , TX . We were excited and happy as we raft and enjoyed the majestic scenery. All of the sudden, the raft bumped into a rock, the girl who sat in front of me was flying up and down into the river. Things happened so fast and the next thing I know I was in the water, too. At that time, the instructor’s words came to my mind, so I opened 借貸my arms and tried to grab something. Fortunately, I acted fast when I was in the water, so I grabbed the rope that was tied to the raft. And I also remembered the instructor said that I should hold my breath, so I did that too. I don’t know if you can understand how scared I was at that time. I was in the swift rapids, with no swimming skills at all. I kept on praying; praying that the Lord will help me not to breathe 酒店兼職in any water through my nose, praying that the raft can sail to a calmer area soon so that the people on the raft can pull me up. I don’t know how long I was in the water floating along with the raft through the white water; all I know was that I drank a lot of water and it was like ages long. Finally, the raft came to a calmer area, the instructor managed to pull the raft along the bank and all my friends pulled me up from the water. I w 吳哥窟as trembling so bad that I thought I was going to have a heart attack. Although it was in May; however, the water was still freezing. I was shivering from the cold and the ordeal that I had just been through. I was so thankful that the Lord saved my life. Of course you don’t have to agree with me, but I know Jesus did hear my prayer. I think what happened with this whole thing was that when the raft hit the rock; the girl who sat in front of me wa 宜蘭民宿s bumped into the water. As that was happening, she remembered to grab on something, and it was so happened that it was me that she was grabbing. But since she was a good swimmer, so I heard that she was swimming toward another raft that was behind us. Thank Goodness. It was because of this incident that I pushed myself learning how to swim. Although still not a good swimmer yet, but at least I am not scared of water like before. After this memorable “nearly drowning” e 澎湖民宿xperience, I told myself that life is so good to be able to live and enjoy it, and I should never try anything that will clearly endanger my life ever again. By the way, if you are interested, you can take a look at the photo that we took that time in my blog photo album. http://tw.myblog.yahoo.com/jw!.6Dlqy6aFRsRaNa8IjFf9p35u6_LfUY-/article?mid=34&prev=179&next=16&l=f&fid=8   .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 帛琉  .

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